Your organization wants to store, access, and analyze structured and unstructured data from anywhere. 5marbles can make that happen.

Building a database is like getting tattooed. You really want it to be correct the first time you do it.

—Simon Allardice



5marbles takes a holistic yet technology-agnostic approach to database development. That is, we don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole.

Some projects require traditional relational databases such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. Other clients need to store photos, videos, and other unstructured data. As such, a NoSQL database makes far more sense. Then, of course, sometimes unique situations require unique or hybrid solutions such as stitching together several methods including Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Finally, in an era of cloud computing, it would be silly for us to ignore Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We don’t.

5marbles takes pride in matching the right tool to the right client. Put differently, we won’t force a complex solution on a small business that lacks the staff to properly support it. We want you to be able to maintain your database well after our project is finished.


If all of these technologies and terms confuse you, don’t worry. 5marbles can explain these to you in simple, non-technical terms.


If you have questions, check out the FAQ and a page with information on what need to know about working with us. If you're all set to discuss your project, then click on the button on the right. We’ll follow up quickly and see if your needs, budget, and timing match ours.